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Come join the Pirates!

The Pirates!  FRC Team 1584 are a Mountain Robotics Team open to Boulder, Gilpin and Coal Creek Canyon Area high school-aged students. We also have a PowderMonkey level for Middle school students to participate along side the Pirates.

We are a  team centered on the FIRST Robotics competition and its values of ‘Gracious Professionalism’ and ‘Cooperatition’. Our rookie year was 2005. We are a veteran team with dedicated mentors. This team and competition is for all students. Though most think of the fields of engineering, computer science, electronics, or science as our focus; we are really about growing the minds of the future. These are the people who will go on to solve problems and create the world of our future.

We gladly accept students who want to focus on diverse fields. Communications and team work is key to this program.  An advantage of our small team is that each student can gain experience in many areas and learn multiple skills each season.

If you have an interest in: Journalism, Coding, Building Trades, Design,  Electrical Trades, Engineering, Website Design, Photography, Videography, Graphic Arts., Business Management, AutoCAD, 3-D Printing, Animation, Costume Design, Your special focus of interest, and of course Robotics! - We are the crew for you!


Come join the Pirates as they sail the seas o' competition and sci/tech learning.
All students and experience levels are welcomed. 




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