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Technology Use @ NMSHS

​NMSHS students are expected to be responsible digital citizens. This means understanding and working within the parameters of the school’s expectations in regards to use and allowance of electronic devices while on school property.
​Students may have “silenced” cell phones and mobile communication devices on their person. The use of these devices during instructional time without proper permission from NMSHS staff,  or in a disruptive manner in the school setting, is prohibited.
​Playing music through phones, speakers or other devices in the hallways, classrooms or school grounds is prohibited.
​Violating these expectations will result in the following:
​1st infraction = loss for the day
2nd infraction = parent contact and loss for a week
Continued infraction = insubordination and subject to longer length of lost privilege and possible suspension; parent pick up only
​Students must turn in their phone if requested by a staff person.  Students refusing to comply with a phone request will be sent to the office for possible disciplinary action. 

Our goal with the electronics policy is to safely manage cell phone use while teaching our students digital responsibility.