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Nordic & Skimeister Results

Nordic Results from the 3/6 State Meet at Gold Run:

  • Women’s 3 km - Bella Lynch 14th, Eirwen McClish 54th, Annabel Ivey 60th, Mackenzie Weber 64th, Maya Beauvineau 67th, Megan Hess 69th

  • Men’s 3 km - Loic Masters 52nd, Paul Masters 60th, Ben Nichols 66th, Townes Bakke 67th

  • Women’s 5 km Classic - Mackenzie Weber 57th, Eirwen McClish 62nd, Maya Beauvineau 63d, Annabel Ivey 64th, Megan Hess 65th

  • Men’s 5 km Classic - Loic Masters 56th, Paul Masters 63rd, Ben Nichols 66th, Townes Bakke 67th


Skimeister Results from 3/9 at Steamboat Springs:

  • Girls - Bella Lynch 3rd, Mazlan Finch 10th, Annabel Ivey 11th
  • Boys - Loic Masters 13th, Paul Masters 17th, Townes Bakke 22nd


Congratulation to these fantastic athletes!

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