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We are Crew, not passengers.

 Crew at NMSHS

​Crew is a culture where everyone feels welcomed, trusted, and supported, and knows that they belong. CREW, which was developed by EL Education, dedicates a portion of every day to make sure this positive culture develops. The structure for developing positive relationships will focus on each student's social, emotional, physical and academic needs.

​“Community … is a place in which students feel cared about and are encouraged to care about each other. They experience a sense of being valued and respected; the children matter to one another and the teacher. They feel connected to each other; they are part of an “us.” --Alfie Kohn

​Grade 6

Lauren Timken

Heather Politi

Julianna Kellner

Grade 7

Melissa Budde

Kira Badyrka

Lori Ledbetter

Grade 8

Daniel Wade

Rovenna Yakubov

Allison Barrett

​Grade 9

Wayne Clark

Mark Mabbett

Brian Nelson

Grade 10

Scott Sanders

Kelly Strong

Al Real

Lori Kinczel

Grade 11

Theresa Redmon

Liz Evans

Alberto Gonzalez

Grade 12

Christine Mallery

Scott Geels

Matt Grigaitis