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The math courses offered at Nederland Middle-Senior High School meet the needs of all students including academic support, advanced, and AP options. At the middle school, we offer math up to Advanced Algebra I and Advanced Geometry. The high school offers Regular and Advanced Algebra 1/2 and Geometry, College Algebra, College Trigonometry, and AP Calculus. The latter three classes are also available for concurrent CU credit - the advanced student will leave the school with 10 college math credits!

Meet our Math Teachers

Julianna Campbell

Job Title: Teacher, MS Math
Phone Numbers:
School: 720-561-4952

Scott Geels

Job Title: Teacher, HS Math
Phone Numbers:
School: 720-561-4960

Jennifer Gregory

Job Title: Teacher, Math/Computer
Phone Numbers:
School: 720-561-4943

Math Courses