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Participation in interscholastic activities as a part of NMSHS’s educational program is a privilege, not a right.  To participate, students are required to meet standards of personal behavior and academic performance.  In this regard, the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) and its members may exercise the fullest discretion permitted under the law.  Please refer to the CHSAA Bylaws & Handbook and the NMSHS Athletic Director for specific clarification in areas of athletic discipline code, age, semester, practices and transfer rules.

A registration packet must be completed to participate in interscholastic athletics.  It includes a current physical (signed by a doctor/MD) and a participation fee of $185 per sport (not to exceed $405 per family per year - middle and high schools combined).  Registration materials are available on the NMSHS Registration & Fees page one week before registration. If a student decides not to participate or is cut from a team, he/she must contact the Athletic department to request a fee refund prior to the first competition or the fee will be forfeited.

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NMSHS is fortunate to have a trainer who provides our athletes the support they need.  If you have questions, please contact our trainer, Kyle Kahl at

See below for additional information on head injuries, hydration, and keeping our athletes safe.  Additional health information can be found on the NMSHS Health Room page.

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BVSD has a concussion management​ plan to care for student-athletes.

Head Injury and Concussion Information