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Scholarship Information

Scholarship Information

Some prestigious scholarships that are taking applicants now include:

The Boettcher Scholarship

The Boettcher Foundation is hosting webinars on “Everything You Need to Know About Scholarships.” During these webinars we will discuss how students can “ACE” their college and scholarship applications, including tips on how to help your applications stand out. You can register to attend one of the webinars by clicking on the date you wish to attend (please note that you only need to attend one, as the same information will be presented during each webinar):

Thursday, September 29 (12-1 p.m. or Thursday, October 6 (6-7 p.m.)
Because our Zoom attendee number is limited, please only register if you will be able to watch the webinar during the scheduled date and time. Boettcher FAQs and Resources page of our website


Other scholarships by date22- 23 Copy of Scholarship Listings


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